Cancel a Bin Service
Cancel a Bin Service

Cancel a Bin Service

Cancel a Bin Service

Request cancellation of a bin service due to a demolition, or request removal of additional bins.
Last updated on 08 September 2023

Types of cancellation requests


  • Bins are able to be removed if the house is being demolished
  • When you know the demolition date, you can request to have bins removed by this date.
Please note - bins will only be removed once the demolition permit has been issued.

Additional bin services

  • Additional bin services can be cancelled by raising a request below
  • Please note, the only services that can be cancelled are those that are in addition to the standard bin service.
If you require a larger bin, you can request to adjust the size of your recycling bin.

Property not occupied

  • All properties (residential and commercial) are required to have a bin service for health reasons
  • The City will not automatically cancel rubbish services to properties because the premises is not occupied, or because the occupants do not use the bins.

Who can cancel a bin service?

Only the owner or authorised agent (businesses refer below) can request to cancel bins.

Requests from businesses

Cancellation of additional bin requests for businesses must come from the property owner and not the business owner if the two are different.

Anonymous requests

This type of request cannot be anonymous.

Raise a Request

  • To request bins to be removed, please click on the correct request type below.
  • Please leave your empty bins in an accessible and visible location and not behind a gate (for commercial locations, please provide a clear description of your location).
  • Bins will be removed prior to the demolition date advised, or within 10 business days for additional services.