Missed Bins
Missed Bins

Missed Bins

Last updated on 02 March 2023

Bin collections days

  • The City collects rubbish and recycling from your property on scheduled collection days
  • To find out your next collection date, refer to our See What's Near Me page and use your address to search for upcoming collection dates.

Why was my bin missed?

There are a number of reasons why your bin may have been missed, including:
  • bins not out before 6am on the day of service;
  • bin is heavy (greater than 70kg);
  • items are protruding from the top of the bin;
  • foreign matter or contamination in bins; or
  • obstructions.

Bin partially emptied

  • On occasion, your bin may only be partially emptied
  • Be careful not to compact waste in your bin as it may get stuck when picked up by waste collection trucks
  • If this has occurred, you can raise a request below
  • Please ensure you loosen the waste prior to raising a request.

Heavy bins

Heavy bins will not be recollected until the excess weight e.g. sand, rubble etc. is removed to reduce the weight of the bin.

Contaminated recycle bins

Recycle bins that contain non-recyclable items will not be recollected until all contaminated items have been removed.

Anonymous requests

This type of request cannot be anonymous.

Raise a Request

  • Please resolve any issues mentioned in the Why was my bin missed? section before reporting your missed bin below
  • Your bin/s will be collected by close of business, the next business day or alternatively you will be contacted to advise when the truck will return for collection.