Request a New Bin Service
Request a New Bin Service

Request a New Bin Service

Last updated on 02 March 2023

New properties

  • Requests for new bins are for newly built properties only
  • If you are currently paying for a bin service but have no bin/s, please raise a request to replace your missing bin.

Who can make the request?

  • Requests for new bins can only be made by the property owner or authorised agent
  • For businesses, the request must come from the property owner and not the business owner if the two are different.

Moving date

  • New bins will not be delivered prior to the property being occupied. This is for security reasons and to ensure that bins are not used for building materials
  • When you know your moving in date, please proceed with making a request below.

Service charges

  • Charges commence upon notification from Landgate of the updated Gross Rental Value (GRV) effective date or issue of certificate of occupancy for commercial properties and not when the bins are delivered
  • New bin charges will be added to the owner's rates notice pro rata in the first year and the full amount will be included on the rates notice each subsequent year
  • An interim Rates notice will be sent to you once the bins are provided. 
View the City's Fees and Charges. Search "standard waste collection service charge" for current rubbish service levy charges.

Anonymous requests

This type of request cannot be anonymous.

Raise a Request

  • To request a new bin, please raise the correct request type below
  • Bins will be delivered after the date you have provided and placed as close to the property as possible.