Request an Additional Bin
Request an Additional Bin

Request an Additional Bin

Request an Additional Bin

Request additional rubbish and/or recycle bins.
Last updated on 07 March 2023

Requesting additional bins

If you always produce more waste than what can fit in your kerbside bin, you can order an additional bin/s. There is an additional waste service fee for a second bin.

Who can make the request?

  • Requests for new bins can only be made by the property owner or authorised agent
  • For businesses, the request must come from the property owner and not the business owner if the two are different.

Fees for additional rubbish bins

Additional 240 litre rubbish bins are charged as an additional standard waste collection service charge. Search standard waste collection service charge via our Fees and Charges page for information on the current fee. These charges are per the rates period and are pro rata in the first year. Charges will occur each subsequent year until a request to remove additional services is received.

360 litre recycle bins

Rather than requesting an additional recycle bin, the City provides larger recycle bins upon request at no additional cost. Residents are able to upgrade their existing 240 litre bin to a larger 360 litre bin. Select the request type for a larger recycle bin below. Please note - for multi-unit residential and commercial properties, an assessment is required to determine suitability for the larger bin.

Anonymous requests

Your contact details are required when lodging this request.

Raise a Request

  • To request an additional rubbish bin, or larger recycle bin, select the correct request type below
  • An officer will action within the next 10 working days
  • Please note - when submitting your request you are acknowledging and accepting the additional charges. 

Request Larger Recycling Bin